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Control Systems for Turbomachinery and beyond!

Control-Care provides a set of, hardware platform independent,turbomachinery control applications for gas turbines (GTCA), steamturbines (STCA) and compressors. The compressor control applications comprise antisurge control (ACA), performance control (PCA) and load-balancing through our station control application (SCA). We use leading third-party off-the-shelf hardware and software products to implement and integrate our field proven algorithms.

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Gas Turbine Control Application (GTCA) functionality and capabilities

The Gas Turbine Control Application (GTCA) designed and developed by Control-Care Systems provides a versatile and cost-effective way to control an industrial or aero-derivative gas turbine. In addition to controlling speed or power, it also protects against excessive temperatures, speeds or pressures, and sequences the fuel flow during start-ups and shutdowns. The GTCA is offered for single and/or multi-shaft turbines driving variable speed loads or synchronous generators.

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Our Capability experience cover all parts of the project:

* feasibility/concept study

* specification and design (e.g. based on a site survey),

* engineering of the solution (on many control hardware platforms),

* testing, commissioning, training, start-up and service

* emergency support, trouble shooting, overflow engineering.


Project Experience

“Troubleshooting Control System gas turbine generator at PT Pertamina EP” for client PT WESPI.